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Italy Honeymoon Photos, on Flickr

Posted by December 11th, 2012

Rome, Italy, Ben Lodge.

Rome, Italy, Ben Lodge.

I’ve Recently added some of the photos from my honeymoon to Flickr.

We travelled from sunny Falmouth to Rome then Sienna and finally onto Forli in the stunning, less known Italian area of Romagna.

There was a more relaxed feeling to the whole region, especially after the hustle and bustle of Rome and Sienna.  It was in this region we found the best dining, the restaurants where beautiful with much more time spent on the food. In Rome we found that everything was made for a faster lifestyle, they used mostly dried pasta and simple breads. The further north we went fresh pastas and richer food where more easily found.

On our last night we ate at the ‘CA DE BA’ restaurant in Bertinoro.  It is in one of the most amazing locations I’ve seen, with a view from the top of ‘Mount Cesubeo’ over the whole of of the Province of Forlì-Cesena as far as the sea. As the night darkened the lights of the surrounding towns light up giving a spectacular and unique view of the whole region.

Flickr Photos Italy.

View from 'Mount Cesubeo' Ben Lodge

View from ‘Mount Cesubeo’ Ben Lodge