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my most recent work let me know what you think

This is some of my most recent work if you would like to see more or are interested in hearing more about any of it and would like more information don't hesitate to message me.

don't hesitate to message me


Katy Lodge

This website was created in a similar style to Katy Lodge's portfolio book, for the final part of her masters degree. She needed a simple but stylish way of showcasing her 7 projects with over 200 images.


Sean St John

This was designed by Sean St John and designer Jessica Charlotte. They needed a simple CMS (content management system) for a blog area in the form of the scrapbook. I built the website using Word Press giving Sean total control over the page layout and the scrapbook.

Business leaflets Simon Lay

Simon Lay

These business cards and leaflets where created for a local business. They wanted modern and stylish leaflets, but didn’t want to lose the traditional feel to the business.