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Recent Fun and Play

Posted by March 22nd, 2015

Well Between work, university and a new baby I don’t get as much play time as I would like, but anyway here are a couple of things I’ve been having fun with.

I found a nice Verlet physics demo on tuts+ (Simulate Tearable Cloth and Ragdolls With Simple Verlet Integration) created in Java processing and got curious about how well JavaScript would handle this many loops. So I backwards engineered it into JavaScript code, I wasn’t interested in the ragdolls and after removing a few loops it’s running OK in the canvas.


So this got me thinking maybe I can reduce the rendering lag by using WebGL. The results are interesting, it runs a lot faster as you can see, so I added wind and gravity sliders to make things more exciting for the onlooker.

http://verlet.benflodge.com/ (Best in chrome!)

As well as these demos I’ve been working on a prototype MMO game engine in Node.js this is a work in progress that changes regularly, but my main focus has been on handling many simultaneous connections. Take a look and shoot some polygons, warning this is UGLY but that’s not the point, open a few windows to see current performance.

http://node.benflodge.com/ (WIP This is in constant flux so things may be odd!)